“This is awesome! How do I join the SHC?”

We’re glad you asked. The SHC has a dual approval process. First, you need to get approved at Co-op level via our application and screening. You’ll then move onto getting approved at the House/s you like the best!

Get an application for the Co-op by emailing

Here are your steps to joining our Co-op:

  1. Check out our Current Availability and contact us for an application.

  2. While you wait for your application to process (takes up to 3 business days), tour houses virtually on our website.

  3. If accepted by the Co-op application as a prospective member, contact Membership Officers of the houses you’re interested in touring!

  4. Tour the houses you’re interested in getting approval for to learn more about Co-op living. Tours must be scheduled; you can contact the Membership Officer of whichever Co-op you’d like to see.

  5. Go to a house dinner and a house meeting at the houses you like.

  6. Wait to hear from the House’s Membership Officer about the status of your approval.

  7. If approved by a house, make an appointment with MSU SHC office to sign for your favorite one! Upon signing, you’ll pay Shares and Dues of $515.00 and go through a contract orientation.

    Microloans available for Shares and Dues through MSU Federal Credit Union for those who qualify.

  8. Voila! You are a member-owner of the MSU SHC!

For questions regarding the status of your application, contact our Member Services Coordinator at You should receive a response to your application within 3 business days. If you haven’t received a response, give the Office a call at (517) 355-8313.

Contract Dates for the (current) 20-21 Contract Period for all campus-based Co-ops : August 21, 2020 through August 22, 2021

Contract Dates for the 21-22 Contract Period for all campus-based Co-ops : August 27, 2021 through August 21, 2022