Members: 8 ( 7 singles, 1 single plus)
Approx. cost: $445/mo
Floors: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Mealplan: No
Refrigerators: 2
Laundry: 1 washer, 1 dryer
Common Areas: Living room, Kitchen, front porch, back yard fire circle
Highlights: Lots of character (over 100 yrs old, eclectically painted rooms), great front porch,  spacious backyard, garden, bonfires
Bus Line: #3, #11, and #12 most accessible CATA lines    Nearby Locations: The Capitol Building, Downtown Lansing, the Department of Justice (Other cool government buildings to look at) the Grand River Trail, Old Town, Lugnuts Stadium (all within walking distance)
Distance from campus: Half a mile from LCC (10 minute walk), 10-15 minute drive to MSU Campus

731 W Genesee St, Lansing

Rivendell Constitution

Interested? Apply to the SHC first by clicking here. Then contact Katie, Rivendell’s Membership Officer, at katerosef@yahoo.com.

Rivendell Gallery


The Rivendell Housing Cooperative is a member-owned housing cooperative that has existed in the Lansing area for nearly forty years. In September 2017 Rivendell became a member of MSU Student Housing Cooperative (MSU SHC)

As a cooperative, members (occupants) take partial ownership of the property and are expected to contribute to the maintenance and upkeep of their respective house during the duration of their stay. With property located in downtown Lansing (Rivendell) 731 W Genesee St. (100 year old house, 1917 build date) members strive to pursue a low-impact, ecologically-friendly lifestyle. As a member of the cooperative, residents are expected to fully participate in the decision making process as it pertains to the health of the cooperative. All decisions made by the cooperative will be reached through consensus; that is, all members of the cooperative must agree on any changes or policies adopted by the cooperative.  All members of the cooperative hold equal standing in the decision-making process.