Toad Lane

Members: 5 (1 single, 2 non-singles)
Approx. cost: Single-$612/mo Non-single-$448/mo
Floors: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Mealplan: No
Refrigerators: 1
Laundry: 1 washer, 1 dryer
Common Areas: Living room, kitchen, dining room
Highlights: Large front porch, hardwood floors
Bus Line: #1 CATA
Nearby Locations: Berkey Hall, The Peanut Barrel (bar), MSUFCU
Blocks from campus: 2

Toad Lane is quaint, quiet, and all about community.  We’re a studious and mellow bunch who all bring unique identities and experiences to the table and our house reflects that.  We value cooperation and respect, but above all we see ourselves as a safe haven to relax and have fun together. We love cooking in our updated kitchen, saving the planet by recycling and being proactive about sustainability, taking care of the many plants around the house, and hammocking or slacklining on our perfectly placed trees outside.  We truly strive to make our house feel like a home and a comforting place for housemates to be themselves!

Toad Lane House Constitution

Toad Lane Floor Plan

Interested? Apply to the SHC first by clicking here. Then contact Jane, the membership officer, at

Toad Lane Gallery


This house was bought by SHC in 1980 through the HUD loan, and was part of New Community Co-op for several years. Eventually, SHC began renting out the house, often to former co-op members. In 1995, the house re-opened as a cozy five-member co-op.Because it is so small, all of the members generally take officer positions as well as performing house labor. This builds strong community in the SHC’s smallest house!