Room Availability

If you are interested in our houses, your first step is to contact us about a current opening to receive an application to join!

Contracts for the Spartan Housing Cooperative typically last one year, spanning from August of one year to the August of the next. Spaces you see available are either vacancies or folks requesting release for the remainder of their Contract.

Contract dates for campus based cooperatives:

23-24 Contract dates: August 25, 2023 thru August 18, 2024

24-25 Contract dates: August 23, 2024 thru August 10, 2025

Contract dates for community based cooperatives (Shire, Rivendell, Harambee):

6 months from start date (trial period with membership of house)

If re-approved, may sign 2nd 6 month Contract

After 1 year of good standing in Co-op, member may sign a year-long Contract with the ability to release the Contract by giving 60 days notice at any time.

Examples of our Contracts can be found on the Governance page of our website.

Overview By House