We, as homeowners, are responsible for taking care of and managing our own houses. This page is a place where you can find the policies related to maintenance in the SHC, resources you may need to fix any project you’re working on, the people to contact if you need help, and where to go if you’re having a maintenance emergency.

Maintenance Emergencies

Is something broken at your house that needs immediate action? Go here for more info about what to do.

General Maintenance Resources

This page links to lots of resources about how to maintain homes in general, from how-to videos around the wider internet to how to avoid getting a PACE violation for your home.

SHC Maintenance Structures

Wondering who actually fixes things around your home? Not sure what happens to your maintenance request after you fill out the form? It’s all here. Check it out!

If you’re looking for just the policy, check out our policy wiki at ! You’re looking for Title 4 of the Code of Operations.