Forms and Documents

  1. The House Treasurer’s Reporting Form. This is for House Finance Officers/House Treasures to help report to their house.

  2. The Check Request Form. Checks are cut on Wednesday mornings, and check requests have to be turned in by 5:00pm on Tuesday in order for them to be processed.

  3. The Share Returns Form should be filled out by any member departing the Cooperative system. The purpose of this form is to give the Cooperative a bit of feedback about their experience, as well as give an address to which Shares can be mailed once the Financial Audit of the House’s budget is finished. Typically members will return their share the winter after their contract period ends.

  4. The Check-Out Form must be signed by your house’s Maintenance Officer if you are planning to move out. Otherwise, your shares will not be processed and you may be subject to a cleaning fee. If you have already departed, please fill out the form and return the form to our office for processing.

  5. The Release Request Form for members seeking a replacement. This must be turned in to the office before a replacement can sign a contract, and should be turned in as soon as you know you’d like to move out prior to the last day of your Contract. Contact the Member Services Coordinator for further information about Release Requests.

  6. The Late Fee Reversal Form. Late Fees are income for the SHC, so ultimately the Finance Committee will approve any reversal, but the House needs to start the process and approve any request to reverse a fine. Fill out the form using the link and the Finance Committee will review the request at the next Finance Committee Meeting.

  7. The Physical Development Grant Application can be filled out and submitted to the Vice President of Facilities, to be reviewed by the Facilities Committee at their next meeting! Share your big ideas for the development of your House, and apply for funding! Application guidelines.

  8. The MSU Student Housing Cooperative offers members the opportunity to work gigs for $15/hour. If you would like to be considered for gig work, review both the specific and general requirements here and follow the instructions to sign up.

  9. Each of our campus coop houses is inspected by the city of East Lansing annually. Here is a Pre-Inspection Checklist for Campus Coops to be used by each house. More specific checklists are available by contacting the VP of Facilities:

If you can’t find the form here, you can find it at the SHC office!