Members: 29 (11 singles, 9 non-singles)
Approx. cost: Single-$662/mo Non-single-$498/mo
Floors: 3
Bathrooms: 6
Mealplan: Yes, vegetarian option
Refrigerators: 4, 1 chest freezer
Laundry: multiple washers and dryers
Common Areas: Living room, dining room, kitchen, bike room
Highlights: Back patio, hardwood floors, sizable back parking lot
Bus Line: Abbot Rd Bus Line
Nearby Locations: Valley Park and Tennis Courts, Crunchy’s (bar), Biggby 24-hr Coffee Shop, Hannah Community Center, Dublin Square (bar), Weekly East Lansing Farmer’s Market
Blocks from campus: 5

239 Oakhill

The biggest and baddest house in the SHC is getting a makeover! We are utilizing this home for 29 folks from all walks of life to build an intentional community working towards Justice, Equity Diversity, and Inclusion. We are located a short walk from our partners on campus, the Council of Racial & Ethnic Students and Council of Progressive Students Coalition, but we welcome folks from all backgrounds; students and non-students alike. Here is home to all that are willing to make it their own! We offer a mix of singles and doubles, cozy common spaces, and plenty of parking in the trash lot. Join us for a good night of dancing on the best dance floors in the SHC, painting another gorgeous mural on our walls, a carpool to the protest, or just watching a movie. With so many personalities and people under one roof, there’s always something to do and someone to learn from. It’s a choose-your-own-adventure cooperative experience.

Phoenix House Constitution

Phoenix Floor Plan

Interested? Apply to the SHC first by clicking here. Then contact Mylee, the membership officer at

Phoenix Gallery


Phoenix house, formerly the FIJI Fraternity house, was in extremely poor condition when SHC bought the house and would not pass building inspections. However, after more than $70,000 in renovations and nine months of work, Phoenix House is now one of SHC’s most beautiful (and biggest) houses. The house, named after a bird in Greek Mythology, which was consumed by fire and rose renewed from the ashes, revitalized the name of a previous Phoenix co-op that existed in East Lansing.

From August of 1998 until May of 2000, the house functioned as a closed membership house, filled with members of the Sigma Pi Fraternity, and participated in SHC governance the same as the other houses. In May of 2000, the Sigma Pi residents moved to Shadowood to pursue a special use permit.