Members: 24 (10 singles, 6 non-singles)
Approx. cost: Single-$636/mo Non-single-$472/mo
Floors: 3
Bathrooms: 5
Mealplan: 4 nights, vegetarian option
Refrigerators: 1 (walk-in)
Laundry: 2 washers, 2 dryers
Common Areas: Living room, dining room, kitchen, basement
Highlights: Original woodwork, large porch, walk-in refrigerator, bike shed, recycling room
Bus Line: #24 and #26 CATA Lines
Nearby Locations: MSU Union, CVS Pharmacy, Hopcat
Blocks from campus: 2


415 MAC Ave

Howland is an intentional community of family-oriented individuals who place emphasis on developing meaningful relationships with one another. Within this community, we strive to support and care for one another, communicate effectively, always use consent, and collaborate to reach our highest potential. We maintain the mindset that everyone is on the same level and ensure that all voices are heard. Overall, the members of Howland enjoy sharing everyday life together in our Big Blue home.

Howland House Constitution

Howland Floor Plan

Interested? Apply to the SHC first by clicking here. Then contact Rebecca Olewine, the Membership Officer, at