Join Our Diverse Community: Apply to Live at All Nations at 131 Whitehills, East Lansing, MI

January 8, 2024
Join Our Diverse Community: Apply to Live at All Nations at 131 Whitehills, East Lansing, MI

Are you looking for a unique and inclusive living experience? Spartan Housing Cooperative welcomes individuals and families seeking cooperative housing in East Lansing. We invite you to explore the opportunity to become a part of our vibrant community at All Nations.

Eligibility: Spartan Housing Cooperative is dedicated to serving low- to moderate-income individuals and families. To be eligible, no more than 24% of our members should have household incomes exceeding 80% of the median income in Lansing-East Lansing, MI, as defined by HUD standards. Additionally, no less than 20% of members should have household incomes less than 50% of the median income.

Priority Consideration: Priority for residency will be given to:

  • Members of or referrals from partner organizations.
  • Participants in or alumni of education abroad/international programs.
  • Households pursuing degrees or careers with an international focus, such as development, international relations, languages, migration, business, and more.

How to Apply: To start your journey with us, simply submit an online application at Spartan Housing Cooperative’s Application Portal. Once your eligibility is confirmed, our team will arrange an opportunity for you to meet with us and respond to interview questions, either in person or in writing.

Interview Questions:

Interests and Community Engagement:

  • What are your expectations living in a cooperative housing community?
  • Please discuss what you look forward to and any concerns you might have.

Values and Inclusivity:

  • What values are important to you in a cooperative housing community?
  • How do you define inclusivity and diversity in a community setting?
  • Can you share any experiences that demonstrate your commitment to inclusivity and collaboration?

Cultural Awareness:

  • What experience do you have working, living, and/or volunteering with diverse populations, both culturally and linguistically?
  • Are there specific cultural practices or traditions that you would like to maintain or share with others?
  • Is there anything the Co-op may be able to do to support or enable you to maintain these practices?
  • How do you see your cultural background contributing to a diverse community?

Join Us Today: Spartan Housing Cooperative is dedicated to creating an inclusive, diverse, and welcoming community. If you are excited about cooperative living, cultural exchange, and shared values, we encourage you to apply and embark on this unique journey with us.

For more information or inquiries, please visit our website or contact us at [Contact Information].

Discover the enriching experience of cooperative living at All Nations in East Lansing, MI!