SHC Maintenance Structures

These pages give an overview of how the SHC maintains its homes, what policies and procedures are in place, and how to interact with them in order to be a good steward of your home.

Maintenance Who’s Who

This page introduces our Vice President of Facilities and our Maintenance staff!

What happens to your Request for Assistance?

This page goes over the process that happens when you fill out a maintenance request form! If you like flowcharts, check it out!

List of Approved Contractors

Sometimes, your house is responsible for calling and hiring a contractor to do work on your house. This is a list of contractors the SHC has worked with before, that we have a good relationship with, and whose work we trust.

PD Grants

An overview of what PD Grants are, what they’re for, and how your house can use them to do cool things!

Capital Improvements

This page talks about what Capital Improvements projects are, and goes through projects that are on the SHC’s radar for the next few years.

Maintenance Policy Breakdown

This page walks through the SHC’s Code of Operations as it relates to maintenance. It should be kept well updated, but always look to the policy wiki for the most up-to-date SHC policy!

Maintenance Budget Breakdown

This is an outline of the different maintenance-related budget items that the SHC has.