General Maintenance Resources

This page links to lots of information about maintaining your home!


This page links to resources around the internet about repairs you can make around your home. If you have issues with anything from your garbage disposal to your laundry machine, check here for help!

Waste Disposal

This page contains information about how to dispose of different types of waste in your homes, from compost to city recycling to trash pickup days.

Seasonal Groundskeeping

This page goes over some tasks that need to happen at different times of the year to keep your homes looking their best, from cutting the lawn to leaf pickup to keeping your sidewalks safe in the winter!

Keeping up with PACE

This page talks about some of the ways you can avoid getting struck with PACE violations, what they look for, and what to do if it happens to your house.

East Lansing City Rental Inspections at the SHC

If you live in East Lansing, your house gets inspected by the Building Department every year. This page goes over what that process looks like, and what you can do to make sure your house passes, first try. Good luck!

Public Tool Libraries

This is a page all about the two major tool libraries available to SHC members, through East Lansing Public Library and the Capital Area District Library.

Facilities Handbook

Not just for Facilities Officers anymore, this handbook is handed down from VPF to VPF to update and change as they see fit. It’s full of great wisdom and good practice, and if you’re wondering about things that this website hasn’t told you yet, it’s a great place to check!