How do I join?

How Do I Join the Spartan Cooperative?

The Spartan Cooperative has a dual-approval process. First, you get approved by the Co-op via our application. After you hear back, you’ll then move onto getting approved by the particular Co-op you’re interested in by contacting Membership Officer and scheduling a tour meeting and/or meal.

Please email for an application. You’ll get a reply from us within 3 business days of applying.

After you’re provisionally approved by the Co-op, you’ll receive your welcome letter email. Then, you:

  1. Get a tour of the house(s) you like by contacting the membership officer listed on the houses’ page

  2. Attend a house dinner to meet your potential future housemates

  3. Attend a house meeting to understand facilitation and function within the house

  4. Be accepted by the Co-op Houses that you like the best

  5. Once the Membership Officer submits a tour card of approval, you then contact the Office to schedule a Contract Signing Appointment and then sign your contract at the MSU SHC office. You’ll pay Shares and Dues of $515.00 upon signing a Contract.

    -What are Shares and Dues? Your share is your member equity and financial stake in the ownership of our Cooperative. Once you pay a Share, you’re a homeowner! Dues are a one-time, non-refundable member fee that each individual pays upon signing that allows our Co-op to maintain it’s national and international Co-op connections.

    – Because we offer affordable housing, we know that Shares and Dues may be a barrier to you joining. Another cooperative, the MSU Federal Credit Union, has partnered with us to offer a microloan to those who qualify…more information coming soon!

Then you are a part of our community!

PLEASE NOTE : We are currently operating on a Wait List basis for many Co-op Houses for 19/20. These Wait Lists are PER HOUSE, not for any space in  the Cooperative. Here is how our Cooperative manages the Wait List for any 19/20 space:

In order to be on a Wait List for any house, you must first:

1. Apply via our Cooperative’s webpage here. Wait 3 business days for a response to give us time to screen your application. Applying is free.

2. If you’re accepted, you’ll receive a Welcome Letter that will further explain how to join the Co-op.

3. Tour the houses that you wish to be on a Wait List for : each house has a separate Wait List.

4. Get approved at the house you want to be on a Wait List for by attending a meeting and meal.

5. After having your tour card turned in, notify the Membership Officer or Member Services Coordinator letting them know you’d like to be on the Wait List for that particular house. At that time, we’ll let you know the status of your place on the Wait List and what to expect.