Board of Directors (BoD)

The MSU Board of Directors, Standing Committees and Teams exist to manage and oversee all of the various aspects of running a cooperative non-profit. Each group is specialized for a specific area of administration. Some committees have the power to take action and make policy changes on their own, while others research and discuss issues and make recommendations to the Board or the membership.

The board will apply the Cooperative Identity, Values and Principles and govern with an emphasis on (a) outward vision rather than an internal preoccupation, (b) encouragement of diversity in viewpoints, © strategic leadership more than administrative detail, (d) clear distinction of board and chief executive roles, (e) collective rather than individual decisions, (f) future rather than past or present, and (g) proactivity rather than reactivity.

On any issue, the Board must ensure that all divergent views are considered in making decisions, yet must resolve into a single organizational position.

The BoD meets bi-weekly typically on Monday at 5:30pm.


Learn more about the committees here:

Board of Directors

The Board is the legal governing and policy-making body of the SHC and is charged with acting in the best interest of the cooperative corporation.  Within the context of Policy Governance, the Board develops the policies that govern the organization, and monitors the Executive Team as they complete what is required of them by Policy.  Contact the President, who chairs the Board, if you have any questions or want to get involved!

Meetings of the Board are open to all members!


The President of the MSU SHC is elected in March by a vote of the entire membership. The procedure for electing the president is described in our By-Laws and Standing Rules. The President shall serve for the entire year.


Chaired by the Vice President of Education, this committee educates SHC Members through the publication of the Pine Press, workshops, and events.


  • Professional development skill shares to learn the skills needed to perform your duties.

  • Brainstorming and planning for upcoming events, workshops, and Pine Press issues.

  • Discussion of dates and events to add to the SHC Calendar.


Chaired by the Vice President of Membership, this committee is responsible for recruiting new members and keeping our spaces safe and healthy.


  • Eduction regarding recruitment, covering topics such as touring and advertisement.

  • Discussion of outstanding SHC membership issues.

  • Problem solving related to mediation and conflict resolution in the houses.


Chaired by the Corporate Treasurer, this committee plans and develops House Budgets, discusses co-op financial policies, and keeps Houses financially afloat.


  • Training and coaching of Financial Officers.

  • Turning in monthly financial documents from each House.

  • Planning for financial literacy workshops.


Chaired by the Vice President of Facilities, the Facilities Committee provides preventative and predictive maintenance in the Houses.


  • Updates from VPF regarding project coordination and upcoming House inspections.

  • Officer reports and skill shares to address the condition and problems in each House.

  • Discussions of long term projects, and sustainability in and expansion of the SHC.

House Constitutions

The documents outlined above, provide guidance for the SHC as a whole. Every co-op house outlines their own guidelines for community living. These House Constitutions (HC) tend to be geared more towards theming and operations of the house e.g vegetarian only meals, substance free, work hours, etc. HC’s are reviewed and edited by the membership of the co-op house through a house vote.