Benefits of Joining the ICC

Staying on campus for four years can be stifling! The MSU makes off campus living easy. Since we’re so close to MSU’s campus, you’ll still get many of the on-campus benefits (free events, short commute to class, opportunities to meet people), but have all the comforts of living off-campus (more space, more autonomy, less crowds).


The ICC has been a part of the Ann Arbor community for 75 years. We’ve built up an enormous and unique community, with our own awesome traditions and legacies.

Unique housing options – Living at ICC is not a one-size-fits-all housing development. Each house uniquely fits the needs of our diverse membership. You can learn more about the individual houses here.

Supportive community – While many of our members initially join the ICC for economic reasons, they stay for the friendships they form, which can outlast your time in a house.

Social atmosphere – You’ll have the chance to socialize as much or as little as you want. Every house eats communal meals, shares chores, and hosts events. You’ll also get the chance to meet, work with, and have good times with other co-opers.

Amenities you won’t find anywhere else – ICC members pool resources to fill our houses with unique amenities. Among other things, some of our houses have ball pits, a climbing wall, foosball tables, pool table, and a woodshop.

All furniture and appliances included – Our rooms are fully furnished and move-in ready, with beds, dressers, and desks. House kitchens come fully stocked with any appliance you might need, from blenders to ice-cream makers. And if there is something a member needs, houses have access to funds to purchase or replace appliances.

Close to campus in all the desired neighborhoods – Our houses are concentrated in three areas around campus: North State Street, South University, and North Campus.

Home cooked meals to fit your dietary needs – Do you have a favorite meal? Or have special dietary needs? ICC houses provide home cooked meals (you help make decisions about what is served) and several houses pay particular focus to vegan and vegetarian diets.


When you join the ICC, you are directly investing in the organization. That means that we are all are mutually responsible for its success.

You have a say – You have equal voting rights in the ICC. You play a role in making decisions for your house, and for the entire ICC.

You have a chance to be a leader – Your participation can go far beyond your vote. At the ICC, you have opportunities to join committees, take on new projects, and step into leadership positions. Along the way, you’ll gain the confidence and skills needed in many real world situations [link to outcomes page?].

Your resume will thank you – Your direct participation in the governance process will give you experience for future job opportunities. Working with ICC in a variety of job capacities and governance roles can set you up for future success later on!


Many of our members have never lived in co-ops before. Others have never lived outside of their family’s home, or independent of the university. The ICC supports its members in a variety of ways.

Staff – The ICC maintains a staff to respond to the needs of our members and the organization. They’re available to help members with questions about leases, finances, governance, events, and anything else you might think of.

Well-maintained facilities – Each house has a maintenance coordinator who can address issues quickly and immediately. In addition, the ICC employs a maintenance support team, who keep all of our houses functioning the way they should.

Emergency protocols – Nobody ever wants to think the worst could happen, but when it does, we want to be prepared. Running a large organization for 75 years means that we have run into all kinds of situations, and have established, updated ways to deal with them.

Education – Nobody wants to be thrown into a situation where they don’t know how to do what’s expected of them. With workshops and events devoted to (among other things) conflict resolution, consent, cooking, and governance, we try to make sure that our members will gain and practice the skills they need.