Member Spotlight

Get to Know Some Of the ICC Members

Elena Lamping

House: Black Elk
Time in the ICC: 6 terms
Previous Leadership Positions: Board Representative & House President
Current Position: Part-Time Staff, ICSPR Coordinator

What does a normal week in the life of an ICC leader look like?
Emails. Every day. Wake up, emails. Sit down, emails. House dinner? Emails.

How did you first get involved with a leadership position within the ICC?
At my very first room pick meeting I knew that I wanted to dive head first into learning the ins and outs of cooperative, so I threw my hat in the ring for either president or board rep!

What is most rewarding about your position; what makes it all worthwhile?
The beautiful community that has flourished in the house this year. People build each other up, offer support and kind words when needed, and generally enjoy their living environment. We’re all working together to create a safe, loving, and understanding space.