Avantco Equipment User Manual



单Panini烧烤 单Panini烧烤 双层三明治烧烤
型号 P60S,P65SG,P68 P78,P70S,P75SG P84,P85S,P88SG
电压 120V,60Hz 120V,60赫兹 120V,60赫兹
功率 1.75千瓦 1.75千瓦 2 x 1.75千瓦
温度控制 1 1 2
温度范围 120 F – 570 F. 120 F – 570 F. 120 F – 570 F.
上烤架(整体) 8.5“x 8.5” 13“x 8.75” 8 7/16“x 16⅞”
下烤架 8.5“x 8.5” 13“x 8.75” 9 1/16“x 18 3/16”
整体尺寸 17“x 12”x 10“ 17“x 12”x 10“ 22 7/16“x 15 9/16”x8¼“


  1. 本机仅适用于120V 60 Hz。
  2. 合适的电路保护器(保险丝,断路器等)应位于机器附近。
  3. 确保电缆正确连接到电压源。
  4. 不要在烤架上放置任何硬物。 不要猛烈关闭烤架。
  5. 建议使用的温度范围是392-482华氏度。
  6. 本机适用于室温低于113华氏度,湿度低于85%的场合。
  7. 不要使用腐蚀性或磨蚀性产品进行清洁。


  1. 确保电源线正确连接到合适的电源(120V,60 Hz)。
  2. 电源指示灯应指示可用电源(指示灯亮)。
  3. 设置为所需温度(航向指示灯将亮起)。 预热时间约为20分钟。 标题指示器将在设定温度下循环。
  4. 达到设定温度后,使用黑色手柄抬起顶部烤架,并用植物油轻轻涂抹烤盘。 将食物放在烤架上,轻轻按下手柄。 多余的油会聚集在油脂收集盘中。 煮熟后取出食物。 加热元件将根据需要自动循环。
  5. 不再需要时关闭机器并拔下电源插头。


为了在运输过程中保护新烤架的盘子,在装运前在表面涂上一层食品安全油。 油是无害的,但必须在开始使用前将其除去。 要取下,预热烤架直到油液化。 接下来,用干净的软布仔细擦去熔化的油。 一旦所有的油都被清除,你就可以开始使用你的烤架了。


  1. 清洁前请断开机器并冷却。
  2. 只能使用带有非腐蚀性清洁剂的湿毛巾。 不要浸水或冲洗水。
  3. 擦拭外表面以去除任何污垢。
  4. 不使用时,请存放在干净的区域。


问题 可能的原因 行动
即使电源指示灯亮起,烤盘也不会发热。 控制器不良加热器不良 更换控制器更换加热器
温度无法控制。 控制器不良 更换控制器
加热显示正常,但电源指示灯未点亮。 指示不良 更换指示灯
打开电源时无动作。 保险丝或开路断路器不良 更换保险丝或复位断路器

如果发生上述任何情况,请勿使用本机。 任何故障排除更正都应由合格的技术人员执行。


  • 在使用机器之前,目视检查是否有任何损坏迹象或磨损的电源线。
  • 确定机器在水平台面上。
  • 打开电源后,在使用之前检查是否有异常。
  • 使用前每天检查机器。
  • 如果有任何关于操作的问题,请不要使用。


Single Panini Grill Single Panini Grill Double Sandwich Grill
Model Number P60S, P65SG, P68 P78, P70S, P75SG P84, P85S, P88SG
Voltage 120V, 60Hz 120V, 60 Hz 120V, 60 Hz
Power 1.75 Kw 1.75 Kw 2 x 1.75 Kw
Temperature Controls 1 1 2
Temperature Range 120 F – 570 F 120 F – 570 F 120 F – 570 F
Upper Grill (overall) 8.5” x 8.5” 13” x 8.75” 8 7/16” x 16 ⅞”
Lower Grill 8.5” x 8.5” 13” x 8.75” 9 1/16” x 18 3/16”
Overall Size 17” x 12” x 10” 17” x 12” x 10” 22 7/16” x 15 9/16” x 8 ¼”


  1. This machine is intended for use at 120V 60 Hz only.
  2. A suitable circuit protector (fuse, circuit breaker, etc.) should be located near the machine.
  3. Be certain cable is properly connected to voltage source.
  4. Do not place any hard objects on the grill. Do not slam the grill closed.
  5. Recommended temperature range for use is 392-482 degrees Fahrenheit.
  6. The machine is intended for use where room temperature is below 113 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity below 85%.
  7. Do not use caustic or abrasive products for cleaning.

Operating Instructions

  1. Be sure power cord is properly connected to a proper source (120V, 60 Hz).
  2. Power indicator should indicate power available (light on).
  3. Set to desired temperature (heading indicator will come on). Warm-up time is approximately 20 minutes. Heading indicator will cycle at set temperature.
  4. When set temperature is reached, lift top grill, using black handle, and lightly grease grill plates with vegetable oil. Place food on grill and lightly press handle down. Excess oil will collect in the grease collection tray. Remove food when cooked. The heating elements will automatically cycle as needed.
  5. Turn machine off when no longer needed and unplug from power source.

Instructions for First Time Use

In order to protect the plates of your new grill during transportation, a layer of food-safe oil was coated on the surface prior to shipment. The oil is harmless, but must be removed before you begin to use. To remove, preheat the grill until the oil liquifies. Next, carefully wipe away the melted oil with a clean, soft cloth. Once all of the oil is removed you can begin to use your grill.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  1. Disconnect machine before cleaning and allow to cool.
  2. Use only a damp towel with non-corrosive cleaner. Do not immerse or flush with water.
  3. Wipe down outside surface to remove any soil.
  4. Store in a dry clean area when not in use.


Problem Possible Cause Action
Grill plates do not heat even though power indicators are lit. Defective controller

Defective heater

Replace controller

Replace heater(s)

Temperature cannot be controlled. Defective controller Replace controller
Heating appears as normal but power indicators are not lit. Defective indicator(s) Replace indicator(s)
No action when power is turned on. Defective fuse or open circuit breaker Replace fuse or reset circuit breaker


Do not use the machine if any of the above occur. Any troubleshooting corrections should be performed by a qualified technician.

Daily Check

  • Before using the machine, visually inspect for any signs of damage or frayed power cord.
  • Be certain machine is on a level countertop.
  • After turning it on, check for anything unusual before you use it.
  • Inspect the machine every day before using.
  • If there is any question about operation, do not use.