COVID-19 (Copy)

Erik: Because Squarespace’s page editor is as fragile as Trump’s ego, I’ve been religiously making copies/backups of this page so that I can revert any changes to the layout if/when needed; this is just the latest duplicate page I made. If you’d like to contribute to the actual COVID-19 page (or any of its sub-pages) I highly recommend creating a duplicate of your own as you work. You’ll save yourself a lot of frustration.


COVID-19 Information & Support [Work in Progress]

With the rapidly evolving situation surrounding the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 and number of confirmed cases continuing to rise, this page was created as an additional channel of information for members of the MSU SHC to stay up-to-date with how our community is responding to this health crisis and to provide our community with the information and resources to mitigate the impact of this outbreak, both in general and specific to cooperative living. [Erik: rephrase to make… more sense]



House-level Preparations

If your house hasn’t already done so, we strongly advise that you hold a meeting with your housemates to establish policies and protocols in response to this virus.


Individual Precautions

How to prevent the spread of the disease, care for the mental and physical wellbeing of yourself and your housemates, what to do if you start showing symptoms of COVID-19, and how to support a housemate who may be positive for the virus.



Economic Hardship

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Additional Resources

There are a number of reliable sources for information about this ever-evolving situtation available online. In addition, through cooperation among cooperatives across the continent we now have plenty of resources specific to co-op living that can aid each of us during these unique circumstances.